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From The Mind of Drakken22

Home of "Guano Loco Nostalgia Time"

27 July
Im a 21 year old self professed geek. i currently work at a small gourmet bistro as tsu chef and manager. i love to go to the movies, party, have fun and meet new people. although training to be a head chef one day, i am aiming to go back to college next year and get a 4 year degree in digital media. ive always been an artist, whether im drawing, acting, writing stories, or just taking pictures. granted my style might be a little less conventional then the usual fanfare, but its what i enjoy. ive always been an entertainer, and if i can make somebody laugh, then my day becomes that much better. i currently live out in the middle of nowhere, but i hope to change that one day. my favorite cigarettes are camel lights and my favorite drinks are miller light, sam adams octoberfest, and an always generous glass of rum...or whiskey... or anything with an alcohol content above 35% thats not a bright neon color.