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May. 5th, 2009

I'm wasting away...

(Note: this is a departure from the various reviews and funny little stories i usually write about, and I'm going to be a bit more serious than usual. so, sorry, no funny in this post.)

What did i do wrong? i feel like im just wasting away sitting here at this computer when life is happening all around me.
did i not study enough in school? did i not excel in sports like i should have? is my add really that bad that i can't even settle on a career?

All around me, it seems like the world is crumbling down, and i'm stuck in the middle of ground zero.  I try hard enough, right?
Its that ima fat, lazy piece of shit that can't even hold a job for a fucking year.

everyday that i wake up, i feel like i am the biggest loser in the world. Cant talk to women the right way, cant save up money for a license, i cant even take care of myself...am i really that bad?

I really need some fucking counseling....i just can't handle this anymore. either way i look at it, im losing out in the world.
i just want to be successful and love what i do for work, but how can i do that when i dont even know what i love to do anymore?

May. 2nd, 2009

WTS?! with Massey: Everyone's a critic...

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen...

I am currently not in the best of moods, and there is a deserved reason (at least i think so, and thats all that fucking matters).
Why? well, how do you feel whenever someone steps into your conversation and tells you that said subject sucks?
This was the case earlier this evening.
Me and Michael were discussing his bonfire this sunday, and what we could do on monday if given enough time.
I suggested that we go see X-Men origins: Wolverine. as you know, I dig superhero flicks and Wolverine is a bad-ass mofo.
(Not to mention, gambit and deadpool are in the movie. FUCK. YES.).

Well, anyways, Cody comes over and starts saying that his friend saw the movie, and that his friend is a big comic fan. Apparently said friend thought it sucked ass, which is fair enough seeing as that I still think Spider-Man 3 should be fucking BANNED from public viewing. Still, dude...What the fuck?! So what if your friend saw it and thinks it sucked? LET ME GO SEE THE FUCKING MOVIE BEFOREHAND. I mean, cody is a fucking awesome friend and all, but this just irked me the wrong way. Just because you say that it's bad, we're supposed to go "OH LAWDY BAWS, ILL NEVA GO SEE DAT MOVIE EVA.". FUCK. THAT.
Let me go see the god-damned thing beforehand at least, and then I will tell YOU what I thought about it.

I mean, shit....

Thats all for now, take care and stay away from Ms. piggy, she's on the rag it seems and everyone is catching her shit.

Mar. 19th, 2009

interesting week so far.

On sunday, i got to record the podcast with the guys. i had alot of fun doing that, just being with those guys and bullshitting about nothing. monday, we hung out, played some games, i got to cook, and went home. tuesday, i kinda chilled out. went to go clean the vents at work.
last night i hung out with michael, a friend from work. we had some beers, smoked ourselves silly and hung out around his barn and farmland.  wow, what a tranquil place. i absolutely love it up there. no cars, no neighbors, no noise. horses galloping way off into the horizon, chickens walking around, and a great view of the appalachians.

we got to jam. mike was on guitar, and i was on drums. I NEED TO GET A DRUM KIT. i can do some crazy shit on drums. its like im a natural.

Mar. 12th, 2009

What the Shit v 1.1

Hello, im Brian Massey, and you're not.

Today's subject: the MadWorld-Wii "controversy."
 i suggest you read this first: videogames.yahoo.com/feature/watchdog-group-nintendo-no-longer-quot-family-friendly-quot-/1295531

now, is that not the most rediculous thing that you have ever heard? BECAUSE nintendo knows that they need to bring back hardcore gamers (which is a blessing to one of my earlier entries), this watchdog group known only as the NIMF (which i assume stands for needy ignorant midget federation) starts slamming nintendo, criticizing them for "Bringing violent video games to a once family-friendly platform." wow. okay, where do i begin with these fucks...

1. The wii is meant for EVERYONE. just because they put out a M-rated game (which im happier then a pig in shit about) doesnt mean that they are ready to abandon that so-called "family friendly platform." if nothing else, they stand by that, but realize that they need to throw people like ME a bone every once in awhile to keep me around. whether you like it or not, WE were here first, and they want to treat us to something actually worth playing. hardcore gamers arent gonna want to play wii fit or the same tired ass sports game over and over, we want blood, murder and decapitations. yes, we are sick fucks, but we like it that way.

here is an incomplete list of m rated games for the wii, and thus why this argument is fucking invalid:

Resident evil: umbrella chronicals.
Mortal Kombat armageddon
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
Manhunt 2 (yes, THAT Manhunt 2.)
Escape from bug island (wtf?)
Driver: parallel lanes
Resident Evil 4
Call of Duty World at War
No More Heroes
Target Terror
CSI Hard Evidence (okay...wait what?)
The Godfather
Alone in the Dark
Brotherhood in Arms: Road to hill 30

3. Nintendo is not going to suffer from releasing a few m games.
the mere fact that a bunch of ambulance chasing parents are running for their bibles and citing wrongdoing on nintendo's behalf  for releasing a m rated game is laughable at best, and horrifying at worst. give me a fucking break. like it or not, we were the target audience, and im sure a few kids are gonna end up playing that game no matter what. still, YOU have the power to stop YOUR kids from playing what YOU percieve as inappropriate. DONT GET PISSED OFF AT NINTENDO FOR WANTING US, THE HARDCORE AUDIENCE, TO ACTUALLY HAVE A REASON TO PLAY THE WII AGAIN.

Im Brian Massey, what the shit.

Feb. 22nd, 2009

Truer Words have never been spoken.

70 Years. It has been 70 Years since Chaplin stood before an audience and spoke for the first time.
He could have said anything he wanted to. Instead, he said what needed to be said.
70 years later, and every word rings true even to this day. not one word seems dated.  Its as if he speaks for
EVERYONE who has ever walked this earth, and those who have yet to do so.
This being oscar season, I thought I would post one of my favorite moments in cinema history.
I try to live by these words daily, and believe that mankind would be better off if they would listen to a tramp who got his
deserved moment in the spotlight.


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