drakken22 (drakken22) wrote,

Dreams of Tomorrow

I have dreams...dreams of worlds far beyond our reach. Dreams of ascending into the upper echeleon of superior intellect. Dreams of our kind finally realising and conquering all our faults, downfalls, hatreds, fears and shortcomings. I dream of one day embracing all that makes humanity good, shedding all that is evil, and casting aside that which makes us weak;

Then, only then can we truly go far away from this pale blue dot.

Are my dreams too ambitious? maybe. Are my thoughts too half-baked? depends on who you ask. Is my head in the clouds too often? sure, but I like it up here, and you should come join me sometime.

My dreams tell me that humanity, while so obsessed with and absorbed by that which we fear, will one day wake up, stand tall, and not cower at our future, but embrace it.

"to boldy go where no man has gone before..."
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