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As I stand on the precipuce of time, I look out onto the world; that which I was born into. To weigh the good to be found throughout the valleys, plains and coastlines is moot to the discrepancies of our mortal selves. Yes, we have the potential to be great; to be caring, wise, loving, and to not think of ourselves; simply put, we hold the key to the betterment of mankind. But we are blinded by greed, lust, possesions and power, when truth be told there is no power on this earth to match that found in the cosmos.

We have so much to learn, and so little time it seems...when the walls come crashing down, the fire ravages the land, leaving scorched remains in its wake, what are we to do but unite? it seems that only in times of tragedy we are compelled to band together; but are not times of peace compelling times as well? what have we to fear from each other?

As the world gets smaller and smaller, and people grow closer and embrace that which makes us unique, the rats in the shadows begin to grow even more restless, never tiring in their campaign of evil, cruel intentions....

We as a people must toss aside any remaining doubts or skeptisms of one another if we are to be one.

One. One people, One Planet, One goal....

Aim for the Cosmos, and spread out into eternity.

-Brian M.
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