drakken22 (drakken22) wrote,

I'm wasting away...

(Note: this is a departure from the various reviews and funny little stories i usually write about, and I'm going to be a bit more serious than usual. so, sorry, no funny in this post.)

What did i do wrong? i feel like im just wasting away sitting here at this computer when life is happening all around me.
did i not study enough in school? did i not excel in sports like i should have? is my add really that bad that i can't even settle on a career?

All around me, it seems like the world is crumbling down, and i'm stuck in the middle of ground zero.  I try hard enough, right?
Its that ima fat, lazy piece of shit that can't even hold a job for a fucking year.

everyday that i wake up, i feel like i am the biggest loser in the world. Cant talk to women the right way, cant save up money for a license, i cant even take care of myself...am i really that bad?

I really need some fucking counseling....i just can't handle this anymore. either way i look at it, im losing out in the world.
i just want to be successful and love what i do for work, but how can i do that when i dont even know what i love to do anymore?

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