drakken22 (drakken22) wrote,

WTS?! with Massey: Everyone's a critic...

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen...

I am currently not in the best of moods, and there is a deserved reason (at least i think so, and thats all that fucking matters).
Why? well, how do you feel whenever someone steps into your conversation and tells you that said subject sucks?
This was the case earlier this evening.
Me and Michael were discussing his bonfire this sunday, and what we could do on monday if given enough time.
I suggested that we go see X-Men origins: Wolverine. as you know, I dig superhero flicks and Wolverine is a bad-ass mofo.
(Not to mention, gambit and deadpool are in the movie. FUCK. YES.).

Well, anyways, Cody comes over and starts saying that his friend saw the movie, and that his friend is a big comic fan. Apparently said friend thought it sucked ass, which is fair enough seeing as that I still think Spider-Man 3 should be fucking BANNED from public viewing. Still, dude...What the fuck?! So what if your friend saw it and thinks it sucked? LET ME GO SEE THE FUCKING MOVIE BEFOREHAND. I mean, cody is a fucking awesome friend and all, but this just irked me the wrong way. Just because you say that it's bad, we're supposed to go "OH LAWDY BAWS, ILL NEVA GO SEE DAT MOVIE EVA.". FUCK. THAT.
Let me go see the god-damned thing beforehand at least, and then I will tell YOU what I thought about it.

I mean, shit....

Thats all for now, take care and stay away from Ms. piggy, she's on the rag it seems and everyone is catching her shit.
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