drakken22 (drakken22) wrote,

interesting week so far.

On sunday, i got to record the podcast with the guys. i had alot of fun doing that, just being with those guys and bullshitting about nothing. monday, we hung out, played some games, i got to cook, and went home. tuesday, i kinda chilled out. went to go clean the vents at work.
last night i hung out with michael, a friend from work. we had some beers, smoked ourselves silly and hung out around his barn and farmland.  wow, what a tranquil place. i absolutely love it up there. no cars, no neighbors, no noise. horses galloping way off into the horizon, chickens walking around, and a great view of the appalachians.

we got to jam. mike was on guitar, and i was on drums. I NEED TO GET A DRUM KIT. i can do some crazy shit on drums. its like im a natural.
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