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Truer Words have never been spoken.

70 Years. It has been 70 Years since Chaplin stood before an audience and spoke for the first time.
He could have said anything he wanted to. Instead, he said what needed to be said.
70 years later, and every word rings true even to this day. not one word seems dated.  Its as if he speaks for
EVERYONE who has ever walked this earth, and those who have yet to do so.
This being oscar season, I thought I would post one of my favorite moments in cinema history.
I try to live by these words daily, and believe that mankind would be better off if they would listen to a tramp who got his
deserved moment in the spotlight.



One of my favourite songs uses the speech as the lyrical section. Chaplin Snakker, it's called. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Also to be a nitpicky douchebag that I always am on your journal, he didn't say this until fairly late in the movie, and had dialogue all throughout. Technically the first line of dialogue he has is 'What's that?'

And if you want to see the movie from start to finish, it's up on Google Video.